• Kintamani, Bali, Indonesia

    Kintamani is located in the northern Bali. The area has rich volcanic soil as the land is inbetween two main volcanoes, Batukaru and Agung.

    The coffee cherries are hand-picked by a family-owned coffee farm. Wet-hulled and dried on raised beds.

  • Parana, Brazil

    Brazil's hot, humid climate is the perfect place to grow coffee. The coffee beans are hand-harvested and dry-processed, which adds a slightly fruity flavor to the coffee, resulting in a light-bodied, full-flavored, sweet, and complex brew. It's one of the well-known gourmet coffees.

  • Sidama Zone, Ethiopia

    Sidima Zone spreads across fertile highlands south of Lake Awasa in the Rift Valley. The coffee beans are grown in high altitude so they ripen slowly in cool temperatures, which results in sweeter and more acidic flavors. The soil is fertile and the rainy climate is ideal for growing coffee. 

  • Antigua, Guatemala

    Antigua is located in-between the valley of 3 volcanos and it sits over 1,500 meters above sea level. It can't be any better environment for growing conditions - rich soils, ample rain and sun and relatively consistent temperatures.

  • Embu, Kenya

    A family-owned farm in Embu, Kenya grows coffee as well as beans and bananas in the red volcanic soil found in this area. Lovely crisp grapefruit acidity, a decent shot at a caramel note, accompanied with a rich chocolaty spice undertone. 

  • Oaxaca, Mexico

    Coffee beans produced in Oaxaca are considered to be very high quality and among the finest grown in the Americas. Despite the mellow nature and mild acidity, Mexican Oaxaca coffee is complex, balancing a number flavor notes to produce a distinguished profile.

  • Matagalpa, Nicaragua

    The northern mountain region of Nicaragua; Matagalpa is a perfect place to grow coffee. Beans from the mountainous growing regions of Matagalpa are a great representation of what Nicaragua has to offer. Notes of citrus fruits and honey can be found within this mild bodied beverage. Unlike many Central American coffees, Nicaragua Matagalpa coffee sports a low acidity.

  • Chimbu, Papua New Guinea

    Chimbu is located on the slopes of the mountainous region of Gunagnni in the SineSine district at altitudes of 1600 – 1800m. You'll enjoy a little hint of acidity upfront which leaves a little hint of caramel/floral at the lighter roast points.

  • Amazonas, Peru

    Amazonas beans are shade grown at high altitude and is hand-picked by small lot farmers, making it some of the most sought-after coffee in the world. You'll taste notes of toffee, caramel, and chocolate.

Roasted in Temecula, CA

Our coffee beans are roasted in Temecula, California. Being blessed with Mediterranean climate, Temecula is truly a beautiful place to harvest wine and crops. We small batch roast these coffees right here in Temecula to guarantee the freshest coffee possible.