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Think about things that you rave about - let it be your favorite restaurant or song or clothing brand. Now let me ask you... What is it really made of? What does it take to create something you fall in love? Creating a great product starts the best ingridients. Chef Junichi is a master of finding and selecting the best ingridients for the best coffee possible.

Premium Coffee Selection

Chef Junichi's Coffee Story

I would like to talk a little bit about the coffee that our company has started to sell.
I love coffee and have a cup of coffee every morning. And I always bring a tumbler filled with coffee when I go to work. Even on the day-offs, I've put the coffee in the cupholder when I'm driving to go out. I do like coffee insomuch as bringing the coffee everywhere I go.

Even though I'm a coffee lover, strangely, I haven’t taken much care of looking for good coffee beans. I always bought ground coffee at Costco and dripped it at home. Costco's coffee is not bad at all, and I even thought it was better than the others, so I was satisfied with it.
However, one day I tried to drink coffee from a company specifically doing the roasting of the coffee beans. I was honestly so surprised! Like, it could be this much different!?

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Firstly, the scent of the beans is "amazing". It is so good. Then start to drink it by dripping. I can taste the coffee when I'm drinking it, but the aftertaste is really fresh. The bitterness of coffee doesn't stay in the mouth at all.

When I first tried it, I got the feeling that I had missed something like "Hmm?". It was much different to the other ones. But I kept having that coffee the next day and another day... on the third day, I already didn't want to drink the other coffee. Even if I drink something else, I became unsatisfied with them like "No, this isn't the one."

I was surprised but understood after deep consideration.

"Roasting" actually requires a tough professional skill. Its taste slightly differs from the environment such as the beans' conditions and the temperature. That being said, any coffee roaster who doesn't have extensive experience is still an amateur.
The coffee I've been drinking (this is on sale by our company) is delivered from the traditional roasting companies which have a contract with us. There are two different companies in California and New York, and we have asked them to roast the beans that are categorized by their features.
At each firm, they start roasting after getting the order, pack them right away, and deliver them from the firms directly to you.
The authentic experience, knowledge, skills. And roasting after the order, packaging, shipping.
In this way, the rich taste could stay in the package, and we could enjoy the great coffee.

I would highly highly highly recommend this for the people who really love coffee. We put the words on the package saying, "For real Coffee Lovers".

To be honest, the price is a bit more expensive than the other ones out there (it is not super expensive though!)
But there are a few reasons like I explained above. Since the efforts and formalities are completely different, the price wouldn't be the same as the beans on the store shelves, which we don't know when they had been roasted.

Our coffee will be shipped within 3-5 business days after the order. During that time, it will be roasted and packed.
On Amazon, when you put the items on the cart, they will be delivered to you soon. But ours is not. So, it takes time until you get it. We'd like you to be excited while you are waiting for its delivery. (Please notice that the firms will be closing on the weekends and national holidays.)

The moment you get the box and open it, the aroma of the coffee will be spread out.
And when you open the package, we'd like you to enjoy its scent moving your face closer to it. You will be thrilled only to do so.
At last, we'll give the special discounted code to this blog's readers. You can purchase the coffee for 10% off at the payment session by entering this code. Please use this.


I've explained a bit long, but I introduced our proud coffee to you.
Thank you for reading to the end. (This is the U.S. only service. )

Have a nice coffee day!!